Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nothing changes

Surfing around the Internet in search for some valuable information on server architecture and whole game development concepts, I found that nothing changed in minds of game developers during this four years. As they were saying "It is impossible to make successful game alone" as they're still saying that. But... Times of teenage maximalism gone away and now I don't think that they're just a bunch of loose sucks. "Write a simple game first" they write. That's really make sense.
I'll follow their advice. Let's start with some simple game, based on fallout world. Just a simple "walk around the town a talk to people" will give me great experience in game development. And I'm still not familiar with Fallout maps structure. Though there are plenty of docs on this topic on my hard drive, I'm busy thinking about how great my game is going to be.
Let's keep it realistic. It's really helps sometimes. Simple map maker, then a little game with working Fallout-style interface and then some kind of server with a single client on it.
But first I should finish with my dat-file-ripping script. It's be a really good thing to start with. I found an interesting feature to store my fallout-objects data. DB4O - an open source object database. It stores full-scale objects as they appear in code to the database, allows full range of operations, usual for traditional databases. DB4O supports variety of features like inheritance, collections, arrays and complex structured objects and allows to access database of objects really fast.
Fallout game files ripper will use this thing to store data in, fortunately I've written most of code for all types of fallout objects, and all the methods to fill them with data from fallout dat-files.
Thats all for now. Se you. ^_^


German Viscuso said...

Hey! A game, that's cool. Would you like to feature your project here

Best regards!

Tzing said...

Thanks for invitation, but I think project should reach at least pre-alpha stage to be introduced. I don't want to be one mode dead-monkey project. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok no problem! On the page I provided above you have information on how to register a project later.