Monday, November 5, 2007

Experiencing Mono

At this very moment I'm testing Mono C# realization for necessary capabilities to keep my project alive. At first glance everything seems to be just fine. I found my 4-year old script for getting all data from Fallout ".dat" files and putting them into database. I spent lot of time getting familiar with Fallout objects structure and which is even more important, I commented almost every string of the code! Thanks to that, now I have a very little things to do to get my script working in even a better way than it was.
Oh, I almost forgot. MonoDevelop successfully imported my windows MSVS2000 project and I haven't changed even a string to get it working. That was a good surprise. As far as I seen, Mono has support almost for all types of databases I may need to use in my project.
Choosing database. That's the next step of my work. Not the server-architecture, as I were thinking before. So at this moment I'm gonna spend some time making my "old-school" code "beautiful" and reconsider object structure, which was created 4 years ago. No - fallout object structure hasn't changed. But my look at this may have changed greatly.

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