Monday, November 12, 2007

Paper work

It's not easy to manage project even with one man envolved. What to say about a team work or even corporative masses. You need to develop main concepts, write design-document (Oh! I've wrote one four years ago!), create shedule and manage a million of minor tasks to success.
But enough moaning, let's get to the business. I've created project at Google Code. Now anyone can keep in touch with the progress of the project, read latest issues and get all the necessary project data if needed. I have uploaded the four-years old script to Google SVN. Sure, you may check it out, but only if your soul may stay alive while contacting with that huge horrible piece of sh.. code. It's really ugly. I know. ;)
Later, maybe even today, I'm going to put there my other four-year old projects like Fallout Object Editor and des-doc for my "project of the dream".
That's all for now. I'm spending my project-sheduled time reading various docs all over known universe. So for this week you should not expect any interesting coding exeriences in this blog. Only some thoughts about what I read and some news on wiki-updates at my Project page.

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